Utada Hikaru 宇多田光 - BADモード Bad Mode 2022 LTD 日本版 2LP

商品編號: ESJL-3123/4
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Hikaru Utada's 8th original full album "BAD Mode" is released as a set of 2 analog heavyweights!
TBS-based Friday drama "Beloved" theme song "Kimi ni crazy", "Shin Evangelion theatrical version" theme song "One Last Kiss", "brand SHISEIDO" new global campaign "POWER IS YOU" campaign Songs "Find Love", "Face My Fears" (game software "KINGDOM HEARTS III" opening theme song), "Time" (Japanese TV drama "Gastronomy Detective Akechi Goro" theme song), "PINK BLOOD" (animation "PINK BLOOD" An original full album full of songs that should be called the new masterpiece of Hikaru Utada, such as "To the Immortal You" theme song) "I will not tell anyone" (Suntory natural water CM song). Also includes the title song "BAD Mode" and other new songs. REMIX will also be recorded as a bonus track.
The first production limited edition bundles the studio live "Hikaru Utada Live Sessions from Air Studios", which will be delivered on January 19th for the first time with the songs recorded in the album, and the DVD and Blu-ray disc containing the making video. Disc set. Includes music videos for "Time," "One Last Kiss," "PINK BLOOD," "Kimi ni crazy," and "BAD mode" as bonus footage.